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A celebrant wedding ceremony is like no other.

TL;DR... the synopsis: We get to know each other, we get creative, and you get married!

You may have noticed that I'm a little different than other ceremony officiants and ministers. I'm different because every single thing that I do is focused solely on you. This is your day, not mine, and we need to make sure that it's you and your lovebird who are in the spotlight. 

When we work together, I take your story, your beliefs, your quirks, and your personality to create a ceremony that truly celebrates you and your lovebird. Not to sound airy-fairy, but we'll make sure that the essence of your legendary love truly shines. I promise. 

Here's the process:

Initial Contact

You contact me, and I get back to you promptly. I'm a full-time celebrant, so I'm not pulled in a million directions with another "job". I work with your schedule. We chat a little about your ceremony needs, and I gather some basic information about you. A time is booked for a no-obligation, Get-To-Know-Each-Other meeting. Usually our booked meeting is in person, but if you are from out of town we will talk over Skype, FaceTime, or some other means. Whatever is easiest for you.

Our Get-To-Know-Each-Other Meeting

I want you to have the most amazing wedding ever, and this means we have to see if we click. Can you imagine getting married by someone who doesn't "get" you? It's best if we meet with just the three of us: you, me, and your lovebird. During this meeting we'll get a feel for each other (I'm sure we'll get on smashingly), but there are no hard feelings if a celebrant wedding isn't for you. It's your day, and you know best.

I like meeting in a coffee house so that we can just sit and chat. We'll talk about your wedding vision and what I can offer. Often, we'll end up brainstorming and planning -- it depends where our chat takes us. I'm sure we'll have a few chuckles, and I know there'll be moments where you and your lovebird will look at each other with new eyes. At the end of our meeting, you'll decide the next steps... you'll either sign the contracts that I've

brought and pay the 50% deposit, or you'll take the contracts home and think about it for a few days. After you decide to go forward, I give you some homework. (Don't worry! No grades!)

Ceremony Creation and the First Draft 

Now we get creative, and it is FUN. 


Do you remember that homework? Well, it's due about three months before the wedding. Don't worry though, I'm not a grumpy old schoolmarm who snips and snarks to get your homework turned in. I'll just give you a gentle nudge approximately two weeks prior to the nitty gritty. Oh! And please do your questionnaires separately! It's also best if you don't read each other's answers or "edit" them together: trust me on this. I build your full Tale of Love by having both of your perspectives, and I can't do that if your story is pre-edited. Just like you love your lovebird, you will love the bits and pieces that you didn't know about one another. Remember, you get the final say in everything, so it's no biggie if we have to cut something after your story is written. And have fun with this! Reminisce about your love: your first words, your first pitter-patter-swooning-moment, and your desires for the future. This is a fantastic time to reflect on why you are marrying that lovebird of yours.

So, I have your questionnaires, and I look for themes, tidbits to research further, and little ticklers that express your unique lives and your legendary love. And I write and write and write!

And then... Happy dance! You've done your creative part, I've done my creative part, and now we work on all the creative parts together.

We've really finessed things, and the ceremony reflects your beautiful eccentricities and beliefs.

Wedding Week

I check in with you to see how you are doing. We chat about this and that, and I remind you to breathe. Have you taken time with your lovebird... just the two of you? Go out for dinner -- remember to connect with each other!


Oh, yeah, and about the ceremony: Do you have

your license? Make sure you bring it with you! Oh! I'm glad you have all the props organized; you are so on top of everything. Don't worry about a thing - we are sooooo prepared.


Most times we'll have a rehearsal a day or two before the wedding, but sometimes we won't. It depends on the complexity of your ceremony. We've figured out whether we are having one or not way in advance. If we are going to rehearse, we tell all the participants that the rehearsal is thirty minutes earlier than it is. Shhhhhhh... that's our little secret. We know that everyone will want to visit before, and that some people are always late. We chuckle about how sneaky we are.

Woo Hoo, Lovebirds! It's Time To Marry

Your day doesn't feel frantic at all because everything is so well prepared. License - got it. Ceremony space - checked and done. Props - all in place. The frenetic excitement is delicious, and we are ready to start. And the ceremony... is beautiful. Your tears of love flowed for all to witness. You did it. You are married! 

You get many compliments about how the ceremony "was so you." I get asked about how long I've known you because the ceremony was so intimate and personal.

As you can see, a Life-Cycle Celebrant ceremony is as unique as you are. I'm completely focussed on you, and I'm certain that you'll love the process. Let's chat soon about your special day.

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