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About Me and About You

I’m Dustin Weibelzahl, and I’ve been spelling my last name since I was three-years-old. It’s actually quite easy to say: WHY-Bell-zall. Apparently we pronounce it peculiarly here in Canada, but that’s okay — I like being a little different.


I relish watching the quizzical, confused look on people’s faces change to curiosity as I tell them I’m a Life-Cycle Celebrant and a Modern Minister. When I explain what I do, you can see the lightbulb flick on and the confused expression transform into a face that says ‘Oh my goodness! I had no idea that Celebrants even existed! This is so COOL!” That look is pure gold, and it’s why I do this work. 


Basically, I’m here to mark your life events in ways that are personal to you. I write and perform custom wedding ceremonies, funerals and memorials, baby welcomings and family blendings, and many other transitional celebrations. If there is a milestone in your life, we can mark it with ceremony. And, do you see all the times I said ‘I’ throughout these past paragraphs? That’s were it ends. Everything in my practice is about ‘you’. Think of me as your mirror — your personal beliefs are reflected back at you. There’s no agenda, there’s no pushing, there’s just you. Maybe you are spiritual-but-not-religious, or you say your beliefs are that you have no beliefs, or maybe you’re a bit Christian, or a bit Buddhist, or a bit Sikh, Shinto, or Wiccan. Great. Maybe you are quirky and nerdy, or maybe you are reserved and elegant. Awesome! You might be high energy (high energy in a good way!) or cool as a cucumber (also in a good way!). Your ceremony will reflect all your beautiful eccentricities and beliefs. And guess what… during our time together you even get to know you a bit better. I love being your mirror — it’s incredibly rewarding. (Shoot! I did it again. I said ‘I’! Argh! Four times!)

So how did I get here? How did I find this curious line of work? Here’s the short nitty-gritty: born and raised in Nanaimo; went to university and studied classical music and jazz; worked in arts administration, marketing, fundraising, and event management; while working… got married, became a father, and got divorced;

found my true love; got engaged and married; needed a vocation with more “meaning”; discovered celebrancy while planning my wedding; realized the depth of celebrancy and that this is my calling; went back to school; and, took the plunge!

Huh… I didn’t know that my life could be told in seventy-two words. I promise that your story will not be summarized. Your story will be full of nuance, and it will express your essence and how you enrich our world. As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and an ordained Modern Minister, I’m trained to pull out the goodies of your life — the sweet and the bittersweet. A good ceremony, just like a good story, is multi-layered. 


Now you know a little about me… I’d be honoured to get to know you better so we can mark your milestones with personalized, meaningful ceremony.

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