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Your milestones — your weddings, your family’s celebrations of life, your baby welcomings, and your other life transitions — they are not the same as everyone else’s. You deserve to mark your milestones in a way that speaks to who you are. Maybe you are a tuba player rancher marrying your lovebird the super-nerd bicycle designer, or perhaps you are celebrating your 90-year-old grandpa who wrote wicked romance novels. Let's celebrate your unique life and legendary story: it's time for a modern ceremony.

I'm Dustin Weibelzahl, the Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant with Modern Milestones, and I would be honoured to write and officiate your custom crafted, bespoke ceremony. I believe that it's your human individuality that must be celebrated during your milestone moments, and that ceremonies should be inclusive and dynamic - you shouldn't be a mere spectator. Together, let's show the world... you.


As a double-certified Life-Cycle Celebrant with Weddings and Funerals certifications from the highly regarded Celebrant Foundation and Institute, I perform all manner of "coupling" ceremonies including weddings, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals. In addition to funerals, I also offer celebrations of life, memorials, vigils, ash scattering ceremonies, and pre-need ceremony creation. I'm very honoured to offer baby welcomings, gender transition ceremonies for members of the transgendered community, and ceremonies for other major milestones.


"The ceremony that Dustin put together for us was absolutely amazing. He really took the time to get to know my husband and I as both individuals and as a couple, and, as a result, he was able to truly capture the essence of our love story. 


On the day of of the wedding he told our love story with such charisma and a big smile on his face; I can't even count the number of guests at our wedding who commented on how unique and personal our ceremony was.


We are both so grateful for all of Dustin’s hard work and dedication to making our day so memorable"

— Sarah & Brody


Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Written especially for you!

Let's create a ceremony that expresses all of your beautiful eccentricities! We'll start with your "Tale of Love", and then we'll build in the elements that truly reflect you, your beliefs, and your extraordinary relationship.


Custom-Crafted Celebrations of Life

A uniquely honest celebration

Your loved one was a one-of-a-kind individual, even if they didn't know it, and they deserve to have their story told. Together, we'll craft a farewell ceremony that articulates their life in a way that gives voice to their true essence.


Personal Milestone Ceremonies

Marking your milestone moments

We live our lives with times of both great happiness and dizzying turmoil. Ceremony can help us navigate of these moments. Let's talk about your baby welcoming, gender transition ceremony, divorce ceremony, or other milestones.

Let's Chat

Together, we'll create a truly meaningful, bespoke ceremony that expresses "you". 

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